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Data storage and back-up

 Never lose data

 LAN-USB connection

Data Storage & Connection Module

The µDataSecure module stores data from your entire running experiment, independent from your PC, e.g. even if your computer fails, your data will be saved on the µDataSecure module. Your data will never be lost! During your experiment you can “log-on” at any time to stream the available data to your PC. Or just stay connected and stream data real-time.

The µDataSecure module is the connection link between the Ivium potentiostat and your computer. The µDataSecure can be connected to the PC directly or via a network connection to allow access from any network location.


Data storage and back-up, never lose your data.

  • Data is stored independent of your PC
  • Data storage of up to 1,000,000,000 datapoints
  • “Log-on” any time with your PC to stream available data
  • Compact size: l x w x h = 9 x 9 x 2.5cm



  • Direct (hard wired) connection possible
  • Compatible with both single and multi-channel Ivium potentiostats
  • Password protected connection possible