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AC1.GP. Electrochemical sensor with a working electrode of guaranteed purity

Basic amperometric three-electrode sensor with patented structure made by thick film technology.

Dimensions: 25.40 mm x 7.26 mm x 0.63 mm

WE material: gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron, nickel, cobalt, chromium, tantalum, irridium, rhenium, magnesium, palladium, zirconium and others

The sensor is made on a corundum ceramic base. Working, reference and auxiliary electrodes are applied to this surface. Working, reference and auxiliary electrodes are made of different materials. At the end of the sensor there is a contact field that is connected to the active part by silver conductive paths that are covered with a dielectric protective layer. The working electrode of the sensor with a diameter of 2 mm is made of a material of guaranteed purity of up to 99.99 % depending on the selected material– standard layer thickness 0.0125 mm.

We also offer a working electrode made of polished gold AC1P.W*.R*, with homogenous surface with roughness less than 1 µm.

AC*. W*. R* (*)
AC – amperometric sensor or electrode on corundum ceramic base
AC*– Sensor group reference number: 1-13

CC*. W* (*)
CC – conductometric electrode on corundum ceramic base
CC*– Sensor group reference number: 1-3

W* – Working electrode material
S – Alloy of Gold and Platinum
1 – Pure gold
2 – Pure platinum
3 – Pure silver
4 – Carbon(Graphite)
5 – Manually Microdispensed Carbon(Graphite) with Au+Pt alloy auxiliary electrode

R* – Reference electrode material
S – Silver
1 – Silver/Silver Chloride
2 – Silver covered by AgCl

(*) – Additional Technical specification
H – Heating of the sensor
T – Temperature sensing element