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CC4 Electrochemical Sensor Cell

Conductometric sensor integrated with a specialised cell to create the CC4 Electrochemical Sensor Cell.

The CC4 sensor is formed on a corundum ceramic base. The structure consists of two platinum working electrodes (Pt WE) and an integrated thermistor on the opposite side covered by a dielectric protection layer.


Possible use of the CC4 sensor:

  • Quality control of distillation
  • Checking of waste waters from treatment plants, i.e. checking of Salt content

AC*. W*. R* (*)
AC – amperometric sensor or electrode on corundum ceramic base
AC*– Sensor group reference number: 1-13

CC*. W* (*)
CC – conductometric electrode on corundum ceramic base
CC*– Sensor group reference number: 1-3

W* – Working electrode material
S – Alloy of Gold and Platinum
1 – Pure gold
2 – Pure platinum
3 – Pure silver
4 – Carbon(Graphite)
5 – Manually Microdispensed Carbon(Graphite) with Au+Pt alloy auxiliary electrode

R* – Reference electrode material
S – Silver
1 – Silver/Silver Chloride
2 – Silver covered by AgCl

(*) – Additional Technical specification
H – Heating of the sensor
T – Temperature sensing element