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Differential voltage measurement for cell connector

The Cell-PDA module allows an external differential voltage to be measured and recorded simultaneously with the primary signal, without the need for a peripheral port. This brings extra functionality to instruments such as the dModules in the Ivium-n-Stat and the pocketSTAT2/Vertex.One/Vertex.C.

The module connects between the instrument and the cell cable. Screw contacts then allow the connection of wires between the cell and the + and – terminals. The voltage is automatically recorded on the analog input 1 channel.


  • Powered from the cell connector
  • Measurement range is up to ±10V between the + and – inputs
  • Common mode voltage is ±12V, i.e. potential of the inputs can be max. 12V different from the instrument ground (Agnd)
  • The voltage signal transfers to analog input1 of the potentiostat cell connector
  • Each input has a very high input impedance >10^12 Ohm
  • Not suitable for connection of thermocouples