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CIMPS-ABS allows spectral resolved transmittance / absorbance measurements to characterize electro-chromic processes. It can be used with an LED-emitter or tungsten lamp. The transmittance / absorbance spectrum can be measured for different bias voltages or currents, time, or any other control parameter like temperature, pH, or concentration etc.

In CIMPS-ABS, two PECC-2 cells are mounted and used sequentially. One PECC-2 cell is used as a reference whereas the other is used for measurement. The reference cell aids in mitigating the artefacts due to light loss via reflection or electrolyte absorption which in turn helps in accurately measuring the absorption spectrum.

  • ABS-1: Beam diameter      = 18 mm
  • ABS-1: Wavelength range = 360 – 1000 nm
  • ABS-2: Beam diameter      = 600 µm
  • ABS-2: Wavelength range = 215 – 1100 nm