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CIMPS-FIT allows fast light intensity transient measurements to investigate the fast kinetics in organic, dye-sensitized, monolithic solar cells and photoelectrodes. With CIMPS-FIT, charge migration and diffusion time constants can be measured with a resolution of 50 ns.

CIMPS-FIT uses Zahner’s TR8M addon card for transient measurements. The CIMPS fit can be used with the monochromatic LEDs from the CIMPS system or the TLS from CIMPS-PCS. With monochromatic LED a time resolution down to 50 ns whereas, with TLS, a time resolution down to 100 ns is possible.

CIMPS-FIT upgrade contains

  • TR8M transient recorder (up to 20 MHz sampling rate)
  • CIMPS-FIT software