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In CIMPS-MTDR/OIS, MTDR stands for “Multi-spectral Dynamic TRanmittance” and OIS stands for “Optical Impedance Spectroscopy”. Like in EIS, in CIMPS-MTDR/OIS a small voltage or current perturbation is applied and a corresponding change in the optical properties is measured. For example in a smart window, applying voltage may change its transparency. With optical impedance spectroscopy, the color switching time or reaction time to perturbation can be determined. With this, the switching time can also be linked to the undergoing transport or redox processes.

The CIMPS-MTDR/OIS is equipped with four calibrated sensors (one for UV, one for IR range and two for visible light range) and can be used for characterizing the test objects in the broad wavelength range.

With CIMPS-MTDR/OIS, kinetic information may be unequivocally assigned to certain color species in a reaction chain.