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Custom and Modified Screen Printed Electrodes (SPE)

We offer our customers Modified and Custom Screen Printed Sensors based on their demands and needs, we will also recommend to the customer if there is a better option for their intended purposes.

Examples of possible Modified SPE Surfaces

Graphine, Streptavidin, Polyaniline and High-purity Materials.


High-purity material on WE

We can provide polished working electrode or insert a high-purity material on WE (99.9% or better).

The WE can be applied also by sputtering.


Materials of WE

We can offer you not only standard materials as Au/Pt, Au, Pt, Ag, C (carbon) but also glassy carbonNi, Cu, and other materials.


Special Active Surfaces

We can provide SPEs with Special Active Surfaces using Copper (Cu), Nickle (Ni), Magnesium (Mg), Bismuth (Bi) and Zirconium (Zr).


Sensor/device size

The Technological capabilities and our experience and knowledge enable us to produce devices from as small as 3 x 6 mm, up to as large as 150 x 1200 mm.

AC*. W*. R* (*)
AC – amperometric sensor or electrode on corundum ceramic base
AC*– Sensor group reference number: 1-13

CC*. W* (*)
CC – conductometric electrode on corundum ceramic base
CC*– Sensor group reference number: 1-3

W* – Working electrode material
S – Alloy of Gold and Platinum
1 – Pure gold
2 – Pure platinum
3 – Pure silver
4 – Carbon(Graphite)
5 – Manually Microdispensed Carbon(Graphite) with Au+Pt alloy auxiliary electrode

R* – Reference electrode material
S – Silver
1 – Silver/Silver Chloride
2 – Silver covered by AgCl

(*) – Additional Technical specification
H – Heating of the sensor
T – Temperature sensing element