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Devanathan conversion for standard bipotentiostat option

Ex-factory option for devices with bipotentiostat capability

Available on IviumStat instruments, and selected CompactStat, Vertex and sModules

Maximum current ±30 mA

The DevanaStat upgrade is a hardware modification of the bipotentiostat (BiStat) upgrade which will allow Devanathan measurements to be carried out using a single instrument. This modification is done ex-factory and is an internal hardware option, just like the standard bipotentiostat option.

The DevanaStat modification means that standard bipotentiostat measurements (potentiostatic control) are no longer possible, only Devanathan measurements (galvanostatic control versus potentiostatic control).

For those instruments which allow a bipotentiostat upgrade by software activation, this will only activate the standard bipotentiostat option.

The DevanaStat has the same 30 mA max current capability as the standard bipotentiostat.