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Adds an extra applied/measured potential range to those instruments with higher compliance voltage

The eDoubler module is used to add an extra applied and measured voltage range to select instruments which have a higher compliance voltage. It is a module that is directly connected between the instrument and the cell cable.

It is compatible with the Vertex.One, sModule.20V, the Vertex.20V, and XP20 instruments. In these cases the applied/measured voltage range is increased to match the compliance voltage, i.e. ±20V.

  • Maximum applied voltage: ±20V
  • Applied/measured resolution: Twice (2x) the primary potentiostat resolution
  • Applied/measured accuracy: Twice (2x) the primary potentiostat error
  • Input impedance: 100GOhm
  • Electrometer input current: <150pA
  • Electrometer bandwidth: Half (0.5x) the primary potentiostat bandwidth
  • EIS frequency range: 10uHz to 50kHz (accurate without recalibration)