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The EL1002 single-quadrant potentiostat was designed as an extension for the ZENNIUM series to perform measurements on high-power electrochemical systems such as PEM or solid oxide fuel cells. This highly dynamic electronic load was optimized for EIS measurements on frequencies on the order of 10 µHz to 100 kHz at high current densities.

The EL1002 is suited for power dissipation up to 1 kW at voltages up to 100 V. It can modulate and control currents of up to 200 A. Due to the innovative connection concept of the EL1002, additional power supplies or electronic loads can extend the current range up to 680 A. The EXT-concept allows for outstanding EIS quality at high currents and conserves a good value-to-price ratio.

The versatile interconnection capabilities of the EL1002 give access to measurements at high currents on large-scale batteries, electrolyzers or fuel cells.

  • Power extension of ZENNIUM potentiostat for battery, fuel cells, or electrolyzer stack measurements up 68 kW
  • Dynamic EIS measurements at high power from 10 µHz bis 100 kHz
  • High bandwitdh and outstanding EIS data quality