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2X ExpressGO PreMix-CE is an optimized and ready-to-use mixture contains of reaction buffer, dNTPs, PCR enhancers and the PCR polymerase as 2-fold concentration.

Comparing with conventional Taq polymerase, ExpressGO Taq exhibits higher fidelity and less nonspecific polymerase activity at temperature lower than 50°C. By using 2X ExpressGO PreMix-CE, “hot start PCR” can be achieved without any additional reagents or procedures. Thus, 2X ExpressGO PreMix-CE can easily amplify 5 kb DNA fragment from lambda DNA template with high specificity.

In addition, 2X ExpressGO PreMix-CE are supplied with specially optimized buffer that enable robust fluorescence signal for downstream capillary gel electrophoresis technology. It is suitable to routine PCR applications with variant samples, such as purified DNA, cDNA, or even bacterial colonies.