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Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Tissue)

Reagent DNA Extraction/Reagent DNA Extraction

The Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Tissue) offers a simple and gentle reagent DNA precipitation method for isolating high molecular weight genomic, mitochondrial and viral DNA from tissue, suitable for archiving or sensitive downstream applications. This highly versatile solution based system can be scaled proportionately in order to satisfy larger sample volumes providing a convenient sample-storage procedure with minimal hands on time. Initially cells are lysed in the presence of detergents and a proprietary DNA stabilization solution followed by RNase A treatment. Once proteins and other contaminants are removed DNA is precipitated then rehydrated. The high quality extracted DNA is ready for use in a variety of downstream applications.

Specifications (Cat. # GET150, GET1.5K, GET1.5K+)
  • Isolate high molecular weight DNA for archiving or sensitive downstream applications
  • High yield, High quality DNA (A260/A280 = 1.8-2.0)
  • Sample: 10-20 mg and 150-200 mg of tissue
  • Easily scalable to satisfy larger tissue sample volumes
  • Minimal hands on time
  • Convenient, simple and gentle reagent DNA precipitation method
  • Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25ºC) for up to 2 years, Proteinase K and RNase A should be stored at -20ºC for extended periods
  • DNA archiving,
  • PCR,
  • AFLP,
  • Southern Blotting,
  • Real-time PCR
  • Cell Lysis Buffer
  • Protein Removal Buffer
  • DNA Hydration Buffer (10 mM Tris-HCL, 1 mM EDTA, pH8.0)
  • RNase A (10 mg/ml) – not included with GET1.5K
  • Proteinase K
Quality Control

The quality of the Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Tissue) is tested on a lot-to-lot basis according to Geneaid’s ISO-certified quality management system. Genomic DNA is isolated from 10-20 mg of tissue. The isolated DNA (5-15 µg with an A260/A280 ratio of 1.8–2.0) is quantified with a spectrophotometer and analyzed by electrophoresis.

Reagent Genomic DNA Extraction Kits Specifications
SpecificationsGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit BloodGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit Cultured CellGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit TissueGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit BacteriaGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit YeastGENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant
Cat. #GEB100
FormatReagent SystemReagent SystemReagent SystemReagent SystemReagent SystemReagent System
Sample300 µl-10 ml bloodup to 5x107 cultured cellsup to 200 mg tissueup to 1.5x109 bacterial cellsup to 2x108 yeast cellsup to 1 g plant tissue
Elution Volume100 µl-1 ml50-200 µl100-200 µl100 µl50-100 µl50-100 µl
Operation Time<40 minutes<60 minutes<70 minutes<60 minutes<40 minutes<50 minutes
Tablo 1
Product NameRXNSCatalogue Number
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Bacteria)150/1,500GEE100/01K/01K+
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Blood)100/1,000GEB100/01K/01K+
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Tissue)150/1,500GET150/1.5K/1.5K+
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Cultured Cell)150/1,500GEC150/1.5K/1.5K+
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Yeast)100/300GEY100/300
GENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant100/200GR100/200