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GENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant

Reagent DNA Extraction/Reagent DNA Extraction

GENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant provides a quick and easy 3 step CTAB and chloroform based method to isolate total DNA (including genomic, mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA) from a variety of plant species (including algae and cyanobacteria). This unique reagent is able to lyse most common plant samples and plant samples with high a polysaccharide content. The extracted DNA is suitable for routine PCR screening, Real-Time PCR, Southern Blotting, Mapping and RFLP without phenol extraction.

Specifications (Cat. # GR100, GR200)
  • Extract high molecular weight genomic DNA from a variety of plant species
  • Sample Volume: up to 1 g of fresh plant tissue and up to 0.5 g of dry plant tissue
  • A cost effective, scalable solution
  • Format: simple and gentle CTAB and chloroform based DNA precipitation method
  • Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25ºC) for up to 2 years, RNase should be stored at 4ºC for extended periods
  • PCR,
  • Real-Time PCR,
  • Southern Blotting,
  • Mapping,
  • RFLP
  • GENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant
  • RNase A (50 mg/ml)
Quality Control

GENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant is tested on a lot-to-lot basis according to Geneaid’s ISO-certified quality management system. 50 mg of fresh Arabidopsis leaves are initially ground in GENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant. A 15 µl aliquot of extracted genomic DNA from a 100 µl eluate is analyzed by electrophoresis on a 1% agarose gel.

Reagent Genomic DNA Extraction Kits Specifications
SpecificationsGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit BloodGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit Cultured CellGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit TissueGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit BacteriaGeneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit YeastGENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant
Cat. #GEB100
FormatReagent SystemReagent SystemReagent SystemReagent SystemReagent SystemReagent System
Sample300 µl-10 ml bloodup to 5x107 cultured cellsup to 200 mg tissueup to 1.5x109 bacterial cellsup to 2x108 yeast cellsup to 1 g plant tissue
Elution Volume100 µl-1 ml50-200 µl100-200 µl100 µl50-100 µl50-100 µl
Operation Time<40 minutes<60 minutes<70 minutes<60 minutes<40 minutes<50 minutes
Tablo 1
Product NameRXNSCatalogue Number
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Bacteria)150/1,500GEE100/01K/01K+
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Blood)100/1,000GEB100/01K/01K+
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Tissue)150/1,500GET150/1.5K/1.5K+
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Cultured Cell)150/1,500GEC150/1.5K/1.5K+
Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Yeast)100/300GEY100/300
GENEzol™ DNA Reagent Plant100/200GR100/200