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Current compliance: 0 to +80A

 Voltage compliance: +0.5 to +20V

 FRA/EIS: 10µHz-10kHz

The HE80 is single-quadrant potentiostat with integrated FRA/EIS. It is a unipolar device capable of +0.5 to +20V, and 0 to +80A, and has been specifically designed with electrolysers/hydrogen generation, battery charging, and electrodeposition in mind.

System performance
Current compliance0 to +80A
Maximum compliance voltage+20V
Maximum applied voltage+0.5 to +20V
Applied potential range+0.5 to +20V, 0.15mV res.
Applied potential accuracy0.2%, or 2mV
Current ranges+10A and +100A
Applied current accuracy0.2%
Galvanostatic current ranges+10A to +100A
Impedance Analyser
Frequency range10µHz to 10kHz
Power requirements100-240V, 50-60Hz, 2000W
Size (w x d x h)44 x 37 x 8.8cm
PC requirementsWindows 8/10/11,
with free USB port
  • Real time data up to 500 pnts/s. Acquisition up to 300,000 pnts/s is stored in instrument memory (1M sample data buffer)
  • Minimum interval time: 3.33µs (0.125µs resolution)

The HE80 is controlled via Ivium’s own IviumSoft. This versatile, yet intuitive software package allows instrument control, data management and analysis, etc. IviumSoft can also interface with and be controlled from LabVIEWTM, C++, Delphi, etc. A full suite of IviumSoft is included with each instrument as standard.