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IP-U-CCG-FS250 EC Corrosion Test Kit – Flat Cell

The IP-U-CCG-FS250 is a fully equipped, horizontally mounted corrosion cell set-up that can be used with any Potentiostat / Galvanostat / Impedance Analyzer in the world. Rather than a dedicated sample holder, the sample coupon can be easily mounted or replaced onto the cell in less than 10 seconds. This set-up heavily suits the corrosion scientists, analysts and researchers that have a high through-put requirement for conducting analysis on coupons with square, rectangular, circular, or any other shapes. The construction is typically gas-tight, has dedicated ports for electrode insert, and is also available in a jacketed version for thermal control. For more customizations, we can offer the entire set-up in acrylic material in case of very harsh or rough environments.