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IviumBoost1001 (100V/0.6A)

Range: ±0.6A @ ±100V

FRA/EIS: 10µHz to 100kHz

The IviumBoost1001 is a power booster can increase the power of the Ivium potentiostat to ±100V and ±600mA. The booster is connected in front of the P/G in-line with the cell cable. A shielded high-current compliant cell cable is supplied. The operation is fully integrated in the IviumSoft.

The IviumBoost1001 is a separate external instrument and has full potentiostat-galvanostat-ZRA capability. It can be purchased at the initial order of your Ivium potentiostat, but can of course also be ordered at a later time. For example when the emphasis of your research shifts to higher power requirements, an IviumBoost1001 will be ideal to enhance the capability of your Ivium potentiostat. This is of particular interest for battery research, and fuel cell applications (as well as electrolysis, corrosion, deposition, etc.) where a higher current is required.