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Large DNA Fragments Extraction Kit

DNA Extraction/Gel Extraction

The Large DNA Fragments Extraction Kit is a PCR Cleanup Kit and Gel Extraction Kit in 1 convenient system optimized to recover or concentrate a broad range of DNA fragments (100 bp-50 kb) from agarose gel, PCR, or other enzymatic reactions. The Large DNA Fragments Extraction Kit uses a concentrated sodium buffer to dissolve agarose gel and denature enzymes. DNA fragments are then bound by silica beads. Contaminants are removed with a Wash Buffer (containing ethanol) and the purified DNA fragments are eluted by a low salt Elution Buffer, TE or water. Salts, enzymes and unincorporated nucleotides can be effectively removed from the reaction mixture without phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation. Typically, recoveries are up to 80% for Gel Extraction and up to 95% for PCR Cleanup. The entire procedure can be completed in 20 minutes and DNA can be eluted in (10-20 μl) of Elution Buffer to obtain a high concentration of DNA products. The purified DNA is ready for use in PCR, Fluorescent or Radioactive Sequencing, Restriction Enzyme Digestion, DNA Labeling and Ligation.

Specifications (Cat. # DFL100, DFL300)
  • Purify large DNA fragments within 20 minutes!
  • High Recovery of large DNA fragments: up to 80% (10-50 kb), up to 95% (<10 kb)
  • Optimized for 100 bp-50 kb DNA fragment recovery
  • Sample Size: up to 250 mg (agarose gel slice) or up to 100 μl (PCR products)
  • Elution volume: 10-20 μl for highly concentrated DNA
  • Modified silica bead protocol
  • Process both TAE and TBE agarose gel
  • Convenient: DF2 binding buffer is premixed with a pH indicator to allow for easy determination of optimal pH
  • Includes 3M Sodium Acetate (pH5.0) to adjust pH if it becomes too high
  • Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25ºC)
  • Fluorescent and Radioactive Sequencing,
  • PCR,
  • Restriction Enzyme Digestion,
  • DNA Labeling,
  • Ligation
  • Presto™ Max Suspension
  • DF2 Buffer
  • 3M Sodium Acetate (pH5.0)
  • Wash Buffer
  • Elution Buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, pH8.5 at 25°C)
Quality Control

The quality of the Large DNA Fragments Extraction Kit is tested on a lot-to-lot basis according to Geneaid’s ISO-certified quality management system. DNA fragments are purified from either agarose gel, PCR products or other aqueous solutions and analyzed by electrophoresis.

Gel Extraction & PCR Cleanup Kits Specifications
SpecificationsGenepHlow™ Gel Extraction KitGenepHlow™ PCR Cleanup KitGenepHlow™ Gel/PCR KitGenepHlow™ DNA Cleanup Maxi KitPresto™ 96 Well PCR Cleanup KitSmall DNA Fragments Extraction KitPresto™ Max Gel/PCR Kit
Cat. #DFG100
FormatSpin ColumnSpin ColumnSpin ColumnMaxi Spin ColumnSpin ColumnSpin ColumnSilica Matrix
Binding Capacity10 µg10 µg10 µg200 µg10 µg10 µg5 µg
SampleAgarose Gel SlicePCR ProductAgarose Gel Slice/PCR ProductAgarose Gel Slice/Restriction Enzyme Digest ProductPCR ProductAgarose Gel Slice/PCR ProductAgarose Gel Slice/PCR Product
Fragment Size70 bp-20 kb70 bp-20 kb70 bp-20 kb100 bp-10 kb70 bp-20 kb40 bp-200 bp100 bp-50 kb
pH IndicatorYesYesYesYesN/AN/AYes
RecoveryUp to 90%Up to 95%Up to 95%Up to 80%Up to 95%Up to 95%Up to 95% (<10 kb)
Up to 80% (10-50 kb)
Elution Volume20-50 µl20-50 µl20-50 µl500-1000 µl60-80 µl20-50 µl10-20 µl
Operation Time<20 minutes<10 minutes<20 minutes<25 minutes<20 minutes<20 minutes<20 minutes
Product NameRXNSCatalogue Number
GenepHlow™ Gel Extraction Kit100/300DFG100/300
GenepHlow™ PCR Cleanup Kit100/300DFC100/300
GenepHlow™ Gel/PCR Kit100/300DFH100/300
GenepHlow™ DNA Cleanup Maxi Kit10/25DFM010/25
Presto™ 96 Well PCR Cleanup Kit4 x 96/10 x 9696DFH04/10
Small DNA Fragments Extraction Kit100/300DF101/301
Presto™ Max Gel/PCR Kit100/300DFL100/300
Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit100/300DF100/300
Presto™ 96 Well Gel Extraction Kit4 x 96/10 x 9696DFG04/10