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MF-1056 Bulk Electrolysis Cell Kit

This cell is designed for complete electrolysis of a species in solution, as required for bulk electrolysis and controlled potential coulometry. Ideal for small-scale electrosynthesis (mg quantities).

Includes: (1 each)
ER-9132 – Teflon coated stir bar
MF-2052 – RE-5B Ag/AgCl electrode
MW-1033 – Coiled Pt wire aux. electrode
MR-1195 – 100mL glass vial
MR-1199 – BE teflon cell top
MW-1034 – Cell top plug
MR-1196 – Auxiliary electrode chamber
MR-1198 – Auxiliary electrode bushing
MF-2077 – RVC working electrode
MF-1035 – Teflon tubing 1/16″ OD
MR-1236 – O-ring for BE cell aux chamber