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MF-2145 Standard Water-Jacketed Low Volume Cell Kit

BASi’s stand-alone electrochemical cells can be used for various electrochemistry studies including voltammetry, amperometry, and potentiometry. While several electrochemical analyses typically require sample volumes of 5 mL – 10 mL, sometimes, lower volumes are needed. BASi’s stand-alone low volume cell kits now make low volume measurements possible, without the need for a C3 cell stand! Each glass cell holds about 2mL – 15mL of solution and can go all the way down to 200L. Available as standard or water-jacketed.

Kit includes:
MR-3849 – Standard low volume cell top (1)
MF-2031 – Replacement chamber for low volume cell kit (1)
MR-1236 – O-ring for BE cell auxiliary chamber & CGME valve (1)
MW-4130 – Platinum wire auxiliary electrode (1)
MR-1212 – Water-jacketed glass cell vial (1)
MW-1034 – Cell top plug (2)
MF-2052 – Ag/AgCl (3M NaCl) reference electrode (1)
MF-2064 – Replacement CoralPor® for reference electrode (1 PK)