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The MultiWE32 is a multi-potentiostat module that controls up to 32 WE’s simultaneously vs. 1 CE and 1 RE! It is designed especially for applications with low power/current requirements, such as nanotechnology, sensor development, analytical electrochemistry, biotechnology, medical research, etc.

The MultiWE32 is an add-on module and requires an Ivium potentiostat with standard cell connector (HD15) to operate it. A single unit can control 32 WE’s, but up to 8 units can be stacked so that up to 256 WE’s can be operated simultaneously (provided the controlling potentiostat can deliver 1 mA per WE).

This 32-channel potentiostat module can operate up to 32 working electrodes simultaneously that share a single counter electrode and reference electrode. That means that it applies a potential across all channels continuously! And the potentials for each working electrode have an independent programmable offset. During measurement all channels are sampled simultaneously. The maximum applied potential is determined by the controlling potentiostat (i.e. ±4 V for the CompactStat; ±10 V for the IviumStat; etc.)

Specs per channel:

  • max. current: ±1 mA
  • potential offset: max. ±2 V, 0.0625 mV resolution
  • sequential or simultaneous mode

The MultiWE32 can be used in combination with the HiSens32 pre-amplifier module for greater sensitivity in a specific current range.