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MUX8-R2 Extension Set

Multiplexer extension for 8 extra cells

  • Add 8 additional cells to your existing multiplexer
  • Daisy chain multiplexers, up to 128 channels!
  • Easy stacking with magnetic feet and top
  • 4 different electrode or sensor configurations

The PalmSens series and the EmStat4X can be used to work with multiple working electrodes or a sensor array by means of a multiplexer. The multiplexer switches between the working electrodes in the range of milliseconds. This MUX8-R2 extension set, adds an additional 8 cells to your multiplexer.

  • each MUX8-R2 multiplexer enables to work with up to eight 2- or 3- electrode systems.
  • daisy chaining multiple MUX8-R2 boards (expansion up to 128 channels)
  • all hardware settings are controlled by the software making it unnecessary to flick a physical switch
  • LEDs to show which channel is selected
  • allows to connect auxiliary input (like temperature sensor)


The most selected connection option uses two double shielded D-Sub cables ending in 2 mm banana plugs. As alternatives we can provide a PCB with screw terminalsD-Sub cable ending in ferrules or Screen Printed Electrode Adapter. Each of these cables can be connected to 4 channels, if all 8 channels are used, two cables are needed.