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The MUXWE64 can be used to facilitate the connection of a single channel Ivium potentiostat to a Multi Electrode Assembly (MEA), i.e. multiple working electrodes sharing a single counter and reference electrode. The MUXWE64 is a rack mountable module with a height of 2U that fits any standard 19 inch rack. Note that if multiple MUXWE64 units are installed in a single rack, each MUXWE64 needs to be controlled from a separate Ivium potentiostat.

When installed the system allows control of up to 64 multiplexed working electrodes. It is also possible to connect 2 x 32 multiplexed working electrodes in 2 different cells/MEAs, but it should be noted that one of the 64 WEs can be measured at a time. All WEs are switched with a relay; only the active channel is controlled (inactive channels are not controlled).

Specs per channel:

  • Max current: ±1 A on each WE
  • Max voltage: ±10V
  • HD15 interfacing to Ivium potentiostat cell connector