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NR1 Cartridge (High Sensitivity RNA Cartridge)

NR1 cartridge is High Sensitivity RNA Cartridge. It analyzes low-concentration RNA. Same as R1 cartridge, it can identify integrity and degradation degree of RNA. After the analysis, the system will provide reference value of RNA Quality Number (RQN) and image for user to further evaluate the possibility of conducting the following examinations.

  • The cartridge is ideal for low concentration RNA analysis (LOD 1 ng/μl) and the analysis time is between 5~7 minutes.
  • The system provides RNA Quality Number (RQN) for total RNA integrity reference.
  • Each cartridge can analyze 100 runs for single-channel cartridge or 400 runs for 4-channel cartridge.
  • The cartridge can be stored at room temperature (15~27°C) and is valid for 4 months.
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