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The Zahner PAD4 card provides 4 additional voltage or current input channels which can be used for parallel DC or EIS measurements on segments connected in series. The PAD4 card is an optimal addition to the ZENNIUM potentiostat for stack measurements or segmented cells.

The PAD4 card is used in the fuel cell, electrolyzer stack and battery-pack investigations. In addition, it is used in measurements involving a reference electrode in a 3-electrode cell connection scheme.

Parallel EIS measurements on each segment in a stack enable highly detailed measurement system behavior either in-plane or throughout the stack. Up to 17 EIS signals can be recorded in a frequency range of 10 µHz to 250 kHz. 18-bit AD converters ensure high-quality EIS data.

Overview of PAD4 card variants:

PAD4-HC: for investigation of individual cells in a stack of up to ±100V
PAD4-LC: for investigation of segmented cells in a stack of up to ±25 V
PAD4-HZ: for investigation of batteries with high-resistance reference electrodes or high-resistance objects
  • Parallel EIS stack measurements
  • Up to 17 channels for ZENNIUM X
  • Up to 5 channels for ZENNIUM PRO
  • Customizable voltage range for PAD4 channels
  • Incorporated with external potentiostats and electronic loads
  • 3 different models for stacks and segmented cells