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1-channel Peripheral Differential Amplifier and 1 temperature measurement module

The PDA-T module is a combination of the sPDA and TCM-K modules and facilitates the connection to the peripheral port to allow the simultaneous recording of 1 differential high-ohmic external voltage and 1 temperature.

Technical specifications

1 differential high-ohmic analog input:

  • Each channel can measure the difference between + and – inputs up to ±10V
  • The maximum allowed common mode voltage is ±12V. This means that the potential of the inputs may have up to 12V difference from the instrument gnd (Agnd)
  • Each input + and – has a very high input resistance: > 1E12 Ohm
  • Port interfacing: the voltage signal transfers to analog input1 of the potentiostat peripheral port

1 temperature signal:

  • Suitable for K-type thermocouples
  • The input of the thermocouple module is not isolated from the potentiostat’s ground. If isolation of the thermocouple is required, a thermocouple with isolated tip should be used
  • Temperature range: 10 to 900C
  • Measurement accuracy:
    • 10 to 400C is ±2C
    • >400C is ±1.6%
  • The PDA-T can be used in ambient temperatures: 0 to 50C
  • Output signal: analog output voltage of 5mV/C
  • Port interfacing: the voltage signal transfers to analog input2 of the potentiostat peripheral port