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PDA2 Peripheral Differential Amplifier

8 differential input channels

The PDA2 is a Peripheral Differential Amplifier module that allows the simultaneous recording of up to 8 differential bipolar high-ohmic external voltages, such as voltage monitors, reference or pH electrodes.

The PDA2 is compatible with instruments which have a SubD15 peripheral port and is powered from the grid via an adapter.

The PDA2 gives access to most of the 15pin peripheral port signals. The 8 analog inputs on the PDA2 are multiplexed to the (2) available analog inputs on the peripheral port.

Available signals:

  • 8 Analog inputs
  • 1 Digital input
  • X/Y in
  • 1 Analog output
  • AC in
  • AC out
  • I/E out
  • +5V


  • PDA2 can record up to 8 differential channels
  • Differential measurement range: ±10 V
  • Maximum common mode voltage: ±10 V
  • Input impedance: > 10^12 Ohm
  • Because the 8 analog inputs are multiplexed channels, each couple of channels is measured at increments with the primary signal, i.e. ch1-2 are measured at datapoint 1 (dp1), ch3-4 at dp2, ch 5-6 at dp3, ch7-8 at dp4, ch1-2 at dp5 again, etc.