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Peripheral Differential Amplifier

8 differential input channels

The Peripheral Differential Amplifier (PDA) module allows the simultaneous recording of differential bipolar high-ohmic external voltages, such as reference or pH meters. The PDA has 8 differential input channels, and it is stackable up to units with a total of 64 channels. The PDA module is powered from the grid via an adapter.

The PDA module is like the PPE module, it has the same appearance. However, instead of 8 analog inputs that just measure vs. gnd, the PDA module has 8 differential channels with high input impedance (> 10^12 Ohm) for measuring high-ohmic external voltages. Next to that the PDA module is a connection box for the various analog and digital inputs&outputs that are available in each Ivium potentiostat.

The module has 32 banana sockets (4mm) that are colour coded for easy recognition and include a 5 V, max. 100 mA power point. A DB37-data cable connects the PDA to the potentiostat.


  • Each unit can record up to 8 differential channels
  • Stackable up to 8 units with a total of 64 differential channels
  • Differential measurement range: ±2.0 V
  • Maximum common mode voltage: ±15 V
  • Input impedance: > 10^12 Ohm