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Peripheral Level Transformer

Adapter to increase voltage of analog I/O

The Peripheral Level Transformer (PLT) is an adapter module that increases the voltage of the analog inputs and outputs for easy communication with external devices. It is connected between the instrument and the peripheral equipment. All signals are passed through this module, and with the exception of level changes of the analog inputs and outputs, it is fully compatible with the situation as without PLT.
The IviumStat and CompactStat are equipped with a 37-pins expansion port that can be used to apply analog output signals and measure analog input signals. The standard input/output-range is 0 to +4V. The PLT adapter module can be used to extend this range. The PLT transforms the range of the analog inputs 1&2 to ±10V, and the analog outputs to 0 to +10V (or ±10V)