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Plus II module (±800mA/±10V)


The Plus II module (±800mA/±10V) increases the current of the CompactStat to ±800mA. The module simply connects in front of the CompactStat in-line with the cell cable. The combination of the potentiostat and a Plus module form the CompactStatPlusII. In order to operate a Plus-module, a CompactStat is required.

The Plus II module is a separate module that is designed to increase the power capacity of the CompactStat. This will allow the CompactStat to be used with full potentiostat power. The modularity of the Plus II module still allows the CompactStat to be used separately, thus not losing any of its portable applications! Because of its power requirements the CompactStatPlusII needs a power adapter that connects to the grid.

The CompactStatPlusII has all the same features and accuracy of the separate CompactStat, but adds the 100 mA and 1A current ranges.