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Power booster (±250mA/±20V)

Increase power to ±250mA/±20V

To increase the power of the CompactStat.h to ±250mA/±20V, an optional power booster can be integrated inside the housing of the CompactStat.h. This power booster can be ordered ex-factory, or when the need arises, at a later time.

The integration of the power booster into a CompactStat.h will greatly increase the application possibilities. When available, an automatic selection will choose whether the power booster is activated or not:

  • when powered from USB the power booster is not activated;
  • when powered from adapter the power booster is automatically activated.

In this way the portable use of the USB powered CompactStat is preserved.

NOTE that the internal CompactStat boosters are only available for the CompactStat.h. If you own an older CompactStat, you can order a Plus-module to increase the power.