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The PP242 is a 4-quadrant power potentiostat designed to apply and sink high currents up to ±40 A at a voltage range of up to ±5 V (max. power output 200 W).

For medium power applications, the PP242 is used as an extension of the ZENNIUM series potentiostat. Most electrochemical techniques which can be performed with the main ZENNIUM potentiostat can also be carried out with the extended power potentiostat PP242 setup.

Besides an extension, the PP242 power potentiostat can also be used in stand-alone mode for standard DC measurements i.e., charging/discharging of batteries. Zahner’s new Zahner Lab software controls the potentiostat during stand-alone operations.

The Zahner’s power potentiostats can be incorporated in a Python lab environment and can be used as stand-alone or in multi-channel configurations. A GitHub repository with examples is available for developing Python applications.

  • Power extension of ZENNIUM potentiostat for battery, fuel cells, or electrolyzer stack measurements
  • Possible integration in a Python work environment
  • Standalone operation for simple DC measurements