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Presto™ Rapid Extract PCR Kit


Presto™ Rapid Extract PCR kit consists of ZEROprep™ DNA Reagent and 2X Hot Start Taq Master Mix with Dye. ZEROprep™ DNA Reagent is designed for efficient release of DNA from variety of samples for direct use in PCR reactions without purification. In addition, 2X Hot Start Taq PCR Master Mix with Dye includes all of the components necessary to perform PCR. Add primers, template DNA and sterile water to complete the PCR reaction mix in routine PCR assays. Simply place the samples in the ZEROprep™ DNA reagent, only 10 minutes incubation and transfer the sample lysate as DNA template to 2X Hot Start Taq Master Mix with Dye for PCR assay. After PCR reaction, the PCR mixture could be conveniently loaded on the agarose gel without mix with loading dye in advance.

Advantages (Cat. RPCR100, RPCR500)
  • Wide variety of sample types (tissue, blood, plant, bacteria, yeast/fungus, virus)
  • Use DNA directly in PCR reactions
  • Ready-to-use 2X Hot Start Taq Master Mix with DNA loading dye
  • Recombinant sourced Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Fast PCR set up due to 2-8 ºC storage temperature which eliminates thawing time
  • Amplification of long targets: 100 bp – 5 kb
  • 3′ – 5′ Exonuclease Proofreading Ability: NO
  • 5′ – 3′ Exonoclease Activity: YES