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Presto™ Urine DNA Extraction Kit

DNA Extraction/Genomic DNA Purification

The Presto™ Urine DNA Extraction Kit is designed for rapid isolation of high-quality cellular and cell-free DNA from up to 5 ml of urine. The kit includes uniquely designed Column Extension Tubes which allow for increased sample volume and yield. Urine samples are lysed using Proteinase K and a buffer containing chaotropic salt. The lysate is mixed with a binding buffer to facilitate DNA binding to the column membrane. The column is then washed and DNA is eluted with Elution Buffer. The entire procedure can be completed within 60 minutes and the purified DNA is ready for use in a variety of downstream applications such as qPCR, Next-Generation sequencing and DNA methylation analysis.

  • Operation time: Purify cellular and cell-free DNA within 60 minutes.
  • Sample: 1-5 ml of urine
  • Format: Spin columns combined with column extension tubes using vacuum or centrifuge
  • Yield: 1-20 ng of DNA per ml of male urine. 5-1000 ng of DNA per ml of female urine.
  • Elution Volume: 30-50 µl
  • Storage: dry at room temperature (20~25ºC)
  • qPCR,
  • Next-Generation sequencing,
  • DNA methylation analysis

During operation, always wear a lab coat, disposable gloves, protective goggles and (anti-fog) procedure mask.

  • UR1 Buffer
  • UR2 Buffer
  • Proteinase K
  • W1 Buffer
  • Wash Buffer
  • Elution Buffer
  • Carrier RNA
  • Column Extender
  • GD Column
  • 2 ml Collection Tube
Quality Control

The quality of the Presto™ Urine Extraction Kit is tested on a lot-to-lot basis by isolating DNA from 2 ml of urine. Following the purification process, the purified DNA integrity was assessed by qPCR.

Genomic DNA Extraction Kits Specifications
SpecificationsgSYNC™ DNA Extraction KitGenomic DNA Mini Kit Blood Cultured CellGenomic DNA Mini Kit TissueGenomic DNA Mini/Maxi Kit PlantPresto™ Mini gDNA Bacteria KitPresto™ Mini gDNA Yeast KitGeneius™ Micro gDNA Extraction KitPresto™ Buccal Swab gDNA Extraction Kit
Cat. #GS100
FormatSpin ColumnSpin ColumnSpin ColumnSpin ColumnSpin ColumnReagent SystemSpin ColumnSpin Column
Binding Capacity30 µg30 µg30 µg50 µg (Mini)
500 µg (Maxi)
50 µgN/A50 µg50 µg
Sample200 µl blood300 µl blood30 mg animal tissueMini: 100 mg plant tissue1x109 bacterial cells2x108 yeast cells1-100 µl bloodbuccal swabs
25 mg animal tissue200 µl buffy coatMaxi: 1 g plant tissue200 µl bloodFTA® Cards
1x107 cultured cells1x107 cultured cells1 ml urine, plasma1 ml urine
hair2x108 yeast/fungus1-100 µl saliva
Filter ColumnN/AN/AN/AYesN/AN/AN/AYes
EnzymeProteinase KN/AProteinase KN/ALysozyme
Proteinase K
Lyticase or ZymolaseProteinase KProteinase K
Typical Yield5 µg from
200 µl blood
4-10 µg from
300 µl blood
10-40 µg from
20 mg tissue
3-5 µg from 100 mg Arabidopsis leaf (Mini)37 µg from 1x109 E. coli10-15 µg from 2x108 S. cerevisiae cells300 ng from 6 mm blood spots2 µg per swab
10-40 µg from
20 mg tissue
80 µg from 500 mg Lemon leaf (Maxi)10-15 µg from 1x109
Bacillus subtilis
Elution Volume30-100 µl30-200 µl30-200 µl30-200 µl (Mini)
1 ml (Maxi)
30-200 µl50-100 µl30-100 µl50-100 µl
Operation Time<20 minutes<25 minutes30 minutes<30 minutes<30 minutes<40 minutes<20 minutes<20 minutes
Product NameRXNSCatalogue Number
gSYNC™ DNA Extraction Kit (Tissue/Blood)100, 300GS100/300
Genomic DNA Mini Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell)100, 300GB100/300
Genomic DNA Maxi Kit (Plant)10, 25GPM010/25
Genomic DNA Maxi Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell)10, 25GDM10/25
Genomic DNA Mini Kit (Tissue)50, 100, 300GT050/100/300
Genomic DNA Mini Kit (Plant)100GP100
Geneius™ Micro gDNA Extraction Kit100GMB100/300
Presto™ Buccal Swab gDNA Extraction Kit100GSK100/300
Presto™ Mini gDNA Yeast Kit100, 300GBYB100/300
Presto™ Mini gDNA Bacteria Kit100, 300GBB100/101/300/301
Presto™ 96 Well Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit4 x 96, 10 x 9696GBP04/10
Presto™ 96 Well Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit4 x 96, 10 x 9696GPP04/10
Presto™ 96 Well gDNA Bacteria Kit4 x 96, 10 x 9696GBB04/10