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S1 Cartridge (High Resolution Cartridge)

S1 High Resolution Cartridge has the advantages of separating two DNA fragments similar in size and providing highly accurate results. The analysis size range can be up to 5,000bp. With multiple methods from low (6kV) to high (10kV on Qsep100 and Qsep400) voltage provided, user can choose in between them based on resolution requirement.

S1 High Resolution Cartridge Kit

  • The analysis time is 2~5 minutes and the best resolution is 1~4bp if the sample size is less than 500bp.
  • It provides high resolution result with multiple methods from low to high voltage (2~10kV) for user to choose from.
  • It has a recommended analysis range up to around 5,000bp and a detection limit of about 0.1 ng/μl in low concentration.
  • Each cartridge can analyze 200 runs for single-channel cartridge or 800 runs for 4-channel cartridge.
  • The cartridge can be stored at 4~27°C and is valid for 6 months.
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