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S2 Cartridge (Standard Cartridge)

S2 Standard Cartridge is ideal for general DNA, NGS fragmentation and Library sample analyses. It applies to not only PCR products, but also to RFLP and CRISPR samples. Based on the alignment marker used, the analysis size range can be slightly different but up to 5,000bp. The analysis time is in between 2~3 minutes depending on the method chosen.

  • S2 cartridge is for PCR products, small-sized DNA, and NGS quality control (Fragmentation and Library sample) analyses.
  • The analysis time is 2~3 minutes and the best resolution is 4~10bp if the sample size is less than 500bp.
  • It has a recommended size range up to around 5,000bp and a detection limit of about 0.1 ng/μl in low concentration.
  • Each cartridge can analyze 200 runs for single-channel cartridge or 800 runs for 4-channel cartridge.
  • The cartridge can be stored at 4~27°C and is valid for 6 months.
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