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Sensor cable with banana connectors for use with MUX8-R2

Recommended sensor cable for use with MUX8-R2 multiplexer

This 4 in 1 sensor cable is developed for our multiplexer MUX8-R2 and allows you to connect your electrochemical cell to our multiplexer. The double shielded cables ends in 2 mm banana connectors. The banana connectors are compatible with standard crocodile clips that we also offer. The banana connectors for the counter electrode and working sense can be stacked with other banana connectors. This makes it easy for example to short circuit the reference and counter electrode and setup a 2-electrode-system. Please note that one sensor cable for use with MUX8-R2 connects 4 channels. In order to connect all 8 channels you need to add two sensor cables for use with MUX8-R2 to your basket.