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2-channel Peripheral Differential Amplifier

The sPDA is a 2 channel version of the Peripheral Differential Amplifier (PDA). It has 2 analog inputs for simultaneous recording of differential bipolar high-ohmic external voltages, such as reference or pH meters. The sPDA is integrated in a cable that connects directly to the peripheral port. The cable ends in 4 bananas (4mm) and is designed for use with the Vertex/sModule (only if a peripheral port is available).

Technical specifications:

  • Each cable facilitates recording of  up to 2 differential channels
  • Cable length 1.3m; 1 black/red banana pair for each channel
  • Differential measurement range: ±10 V
  • Maximum common mode voltage: ±12 V
  • Input impedance: > 10^12 Ohm