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8-channel analog input for simultaneous differential DC measurements

8-channel analog input for simultaneous EIS measurements

The StackAnalyser module allows the simultaneous recording of up to 8 differential bipolar high-ohmic voltages (e.g. pH meter), or 8 simultaneous EIS measurements up to 100kHz in addition to the primary signal. It is designed to be used in combination with an Ivium potentiostat to monitor individual cells within a stack. The StackAnalyser is powered from the grid via a 5V power supply.

The StackAnalyser can be connected to the DB15 peripheral port of the potentiostat and consists of a 19-inch rack-mountable front plate with connectors for the 8 channels.

The module is fully integrated in IviumSoft in which the number of channels to be measured can be selected and shown in a satellite plot to the main signal. Each channel has 2 BNC connectors for the + and – terminals (16 connectors in total) and facilitates simple BNC cables to be used which terminate in the preferred connector of the customer (user supply).

Each differential channel has high input impedance (> 10^12 Ohm) for measuring high-ohmic external voltages.


  • Each unit can record up to 8 differential channels
  • Differential measurement range: ±10 V
  • Maximum common mode voltage: ±20 V
  • Input impedance: > 10^12 Ohm
  • DC measurement gives 8 voltages as analog inputs
  • EIS measurement gives 8 additional impedance plots per scan up to 100kHz