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True Linear Scan

Smooth analog ramp instead of a staircase sweep

Available on all Ivium instruments (except original pocketSTAT)

The True Linear Scan is a hardware option that applies a smooth analog ramp, instead of the standard staircase sweep. This hardware configuration is available on all Ivium potentiostats (with the exception of the original pocketSTAT), and can be fitted retrospectively via a software-key upgrade.

The True Linear Scan option is designed to be used in those cases where the nature and speed of the electrochemical reaction processes lead to information loss when a standard digital staircase signal is applied (fast transient behaviour, absorption, α-characteristics).

The Software parameters and scan limits are identical to the standard staircase technique. Specific parameters:

  • Scanrate 1 μV/s – 10,000 V/s
  • Available in the techniques: LSV and CV