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TS Testing Sensor

Simple identifier of electrochemical hardware error

Dimensions: 25.4 x 7.26 x 0.63 mm

Electrochemical measurements are very sensitive. Sometimes cables, connectors and their wetness can create the measurement errors. Testing sensor enables simple identification of electrochemical hardware error. The sensor has same geometry as AC1 type but its response produced by resistor. The response is stable and independent on chemistry. Testing sensor is formed on a corundum ceramic base. At the end of the sensor there is a contacting field which is connected with the SMD resistors by the silver conducting paths which are covered by a dielectric protection layer.

AC*. W*. R* (*)
AC – amperometric sensor or electrode on corundum ceramic base
AC*– Sensor group reference number: 1-13

CC*. W* (*)
CC – conductometric electrode on corundum ceramic base
CC*– Sensor group reference number: 1-3

W* – Working electrode material
S – Alloy of Gold and Platinum
1 – Pure gold
2 – Pure platinum
3 – Pure silver
4 – Carbon(Graphite)
5 – Manually Microdispensed Carbon(Graphite) with Au+Pt alloy auxiliary electrode

R* – Reference electrode material
S – Silver
1 – Silver/Silver Chloride
2 – Silver covered by AgCl

(*) – Additional Technical specification
H – Heating of the sensor
T – Temperature sensing element