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Potential is continuously applied to each WE (not multiplexed)

High speed simultaneous DC measurements

Simultaneous EIS acquisition on the 4 working electrodes

The WE4 is a multi-potentiostat module that extends a potentiostat with up to 4 WE’s vs. 1 CE and 1 RE!

It is designed especially for applications with low power/current requirements, such as nanotechnology, sensor development, analytical electrochemistry, biotechnology, medical research, etc.

The WE4 is an add-on module and requires an Ivium potentiostat with standard cell connector (HD15) to operate it. Each WE has the same potential (no offsets available) and all WEs operate in the same current range. The WE4 is not stackable so if more than 4 WEs are required, our MultiWE32 module would be an alternative solution.

Specs per channel:

  • all WEs have the same potential (no offsets) and operate in the same current range
  • current ranges: 10nA to 1mA
  • max. current per WE: ±2.5 mA
  • potential max: ±10 V
  • Simultaneous measurements on 4 WEs:
    • high speed DC sampling up to 4 x 200 points/second
    • EIS gives 4 impedance plots in same time duration as a single conventional measurement
  • EIS capable from 10µHz to 100kHz
  • 6 electrode connections (CE, RE, WE1-4)
  • voltage range, accuracy, and resolution are identical to the controlling potentiostat
  • in sequential mode, all potentiostatic techniques are available
  • in simultaneous mode, standard LSV and CV, CA, and Constant E/PotentialScan impedance are all possible