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The XPOT2 as a high precision auxiliary potentiostat adds an additional channel to the ZENNIUM series potentiostat for bi-potentiostat functionality. The combination of ZENNIUM and XPOT2 enables rotating ring disk electrode (RRDE) measurements or hydrogen permeation in Devanathan cells. The XPOT2 provides up to ±500 mA output current and up to ±25 V compliance voltage. The XPOT2 contains 9 current ranges which enable it to carry out outstandingly precise and accurate measurements.

In addition, the XPOT2 potentiostat can also be used as a standalone potentiostat and can be controlled by Zahner-Lab.

The Zahner’s potentiostats can be incorporated in a Python lab environment and can be used as stand-alone or in multi-channel configurations. A GitHub repository with examples is available for developing Python applications.

  • Standalone operation and possible integration in a Python work environment
  • Extension for bipotentiostat applications