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AccuGO Pfu DNA polymerase is a Pfu-based DNA polymerase specially provides both short extension time and high performance.

AccuGO Pfu DNA polymerase was designed to apply in the replication of DNA sequence required high fidelity and high efficiency. Like Pfu, AccuGO Pfu also exhibits 3’→5′ exonuclease activity that provides the proofreading ability and results in higher fidelity during DNA synthesis.

Moreover, AccuGO Pfu was engineered to have a better processivity than normal Pfu. Therefore, AccuGO Pfu can easily amplify up to 10 kb blunt-ended DNA fragment from variant template. Even if the template’s GC content is up to 70%, AccuGO Pfu still has good performance. In short, AccuGO Pfu DNA polymerase is an ideal tool for molecular cloning containing long or complicated amplicons.