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High power boosters

The IviumBoost series of instruments are power boosters that have been designed to increase the potential and/or current of Ivium potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRAs. The booster is connected in front of the P/G in-line with the cell cable. The operation is fully integrated in the IviumSoft.

To check if a particular IviumBoost is compatible with your designated instrument, check the compatibility table on our Support page.

The IviumBoost is a separate external instrument and has full potentiostat-galvanostat-ZRA capability. It can be purchased at the initial order of your Ivium potentiostat, but can of course also be ordered at a later time. For example when the emphasis of your research shifts to higher power requirements, an IviumBoost will be ideal to enhance the capability of your Ivium potentiostat.